Scheurell Paradise Editing
Sample Work
Diane is happy to provide samples of the work she has done.  See the drop-down menu for ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparisons of three types of documents.  Contact Diane directly if you wish to see more examples.

The first example is a basic document edited for grammar, spelling, and flow.  The client also requested editing to improve audience impact while maintaining his own voice, and a requirement that the document be shortened to one page maximum.

The resume is an example of how Diane helped a young woman make the most of her limited experience by showing her how to frame her skills in ways that could apply in more types of jobs and with language that more people can understand.  She is now working full time in a job she loves using both her biology and chemistry background.
The last example shows part of Diane’s transformation of a document to a PowerPoint for a community organization.  The group already had the document, but utilized Diane to make it more audience friendly for a presentation to their local legislative body.  They presented the full deck to their County Council and the Council voted unanimously to support the organization’s cause.