Scheurell Paradise Editing

Depending on the size of the document and the client’s writing skill, she can conduct a first level edit in short order.  Example: with current regular clients she can edit a two page document in about 30 minutes.

A second level includes editing the document for content.
  • Is a section of the document unclear?
  • Does the document flow? 
  • Are the ideas in the document internally consistent?
Diane can edit documents on a couple of different levels, depending on how much you want her to do.  

On a first pass, she reviews it for spelling and grammar, including things that a spell checker missed.  She will recommend alternate words when a meaning is unclear.  Diane will also point out phrases that are ambiguous so that you can address them.  
Services – Clients with English as a Second Language
As a special case, Diane can help those whose first language is not English to make their message clear to American English readers and customers.  
She can:
  • make sure that your American consumers can easily understand your product instructions and assembly instructions, 
  • ensure that your reports and articles are ready for print in English publications.   
Services - Writing
Diane can also write whole documents for you.  Examples include:
  • writing short articles from a collection of phrases or ideas,
  • transforming your PowerPoint presentation into an article,
  • writing a technical report from data and your conclusions,
  • writing up meeting minutes to make meaning from a set of notes.  Under some circumstances, Diane can listen in on your teleconference and write the notes as the meeting proceeds.

The second level review is usually not needed on a short piece.  But it is critical for longer reports or PowerPoint documents.  Diane will suggest wording to address issues and recommend moving sentences or whole sections around.  This can take an hour or two, again depending on the size of the document and the client’s writing skill.

A third level of review is for resumes.  It includes the above and an in-depth conversation with you to pull out additional content or to enhance the wording of current content to show your accomplishments in the best light.  It’s marketing you.