Scheurell Paradise Editing

Diane Scheurell can edit your writing to find the right tone and get your message across while maintaining your authentic voice.  Her editing experience includes PowerPoint presentations, technical reports, newspaper and magazine articles, books, flyers, web content, resumes, newsletters, term papers, dissertations, and family histories.  Each has a different feel because each has a different audience. 

Do you need someone to:
  • Check your document for spelling and grammar errors?  A spell checker does not catch them all and often makes suggestions that are not correct for your context.
  • Tailor your resume?
  • Make sure that each of your PowerPoint slides maintains a consistent look and feel?
  • Help you with the flow of a PowerPoint presentation?
  • Ensure that your product assembly instructions are well understood by the consumer buying your product?
  • Rewrite your technical report to improve its impact on management?
  • Write short articles from a collection of phrases or ideas?
  • Transform a PowerPoint presentation into an article?

Diane can help you meet your goals.

Diane writes and edits from the lovely tropical paradise of Hawaii.  Please enjoy photos taken in Diane's yard.